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If you can read, you can code!

colorCODE is an educational toy that demystifies computer code and makes learning to code a fun and easy process. We teach by taking the code off of the screen and concretizing coding languages as physical building blocks.

Code in Your Hands

Welcome to the colorCODE Toolset, a compelling series of teaching toys designed to provide kids with a deep conceptual foundation in computing as well as the vocabulary to begin to realize their own visions. Designed to be friendly to visual and kinesthetic learners, the physical pieces use color as a key signifier in order to demystify often intimidating abstract concepts.

While linguists, chemists and biologists have used direct physical modeling since the 1800’s, this is the first known application of such a system to children's coding education. Representational learning can be more engaging than a textbook approach, but it is necessary for the color and shape analogies to go beyond teaching procedural rhetoric and be directly translatable into actions. This is the foundation of colorCODE, building a sense of agency for those uninvited to the online community. It is the reason our Toolset was built to tackle HTML, allowing children to walk away from even a brief encounter with solid proof of their own capabilities.

We are here to champion kid-centric learning for the advancement of humanity and the further diversification of society. The colorCODE Toolset literally puts code into the hands of kids everywhere without them ever having to touch a computer, opening doors for youngsters and leaping the digital divide.

Anatomy of colorCODE

Traceable lines indicate flow
colorCODE building pieces teach real, modern code
Accurate code structure is emphasized by design
Unique tag colors assist in memory

What the kids say:

“I used colorCODE to make my first website at their workshop, and it was really simple, like I even went faster than I ever thought I could. Now I use it to keep adding more cool stuff to my website.”

— Brian, 12

“I was afraid of it at first, cause I have trouble writing. But it’s so easy, and I’m using it to make my own website where I can write about my love of Dr. Who. I can add stuff, show it to my friends, and then add more whenever I want to, and I don’t get confused.”

— Tara, 11

“I’m coding! I’m REALLY coding!”

— Josh, 8

“I really like the pieces and the colors. It’s like lego blocks but for code. I still can’t believe that I’m a coder now.”

— Merril, 10

“I used to think that it was just me, cause all my friends could do it, but it never made sense to me. Now I see it and it’s clear in my head, my friends think I’m a genius...and I do too.”

— Britley, 13

What the parents say:

“It’s great to see my kids making things with a computer, things they care about, instead of just consuming whatever they find on the net.”

— Sarah J., parent

“Finally! A kids coding program that is fun AND teaches actual code that can be used, reused, built upon and that isn’t limited to being used for silly dancing bird games…”

— Pete, parent

“My daughter learned to set up her own web journal and uses the blocks every time she wants to add more features to her site. Now she’s teaching me.”

— Allyson, parent

“I’ve seen my kids move from the sidelines to the frontlines of writing code that they can use to DO things. Unlike silly coding games that teach some vague coding concepts, [colorCODE] hits the mark.”

— Jan S, parent

September 6 & 7, 2014 Workshop Results

Our first colorCODE group workshop was overwhelmingly well received. We are proud to share the results of our participants at the end of fewer than 8 hours with the colorCODE. They also chose a simple style sheet to add some color and formatting to their pages.

The following sites were coded in HTML completely from scratch by 24 incredible kids between the ages of 7 & 13 :

Zack - Stellar Studios
Sam - Sam's Golf Club
Peter - L+P Toys and Games
Max & Paulo - Tour to Open
Matthew - Elves orcs and more
Leta - L+P Toys and Games
Jordan & Owen - Fiend Slayers
Jessica - Guinea Pig Blog
Jessiah - Quotes and Pictures
Jacob - 01001010 01100001 01100011 01101111 01100010
Erin - Austin Angelfish
Christopher - My Idea Ministries
Bridger - Eagleskin sheaths and tools
Axel - About Beardies
Apollo & Emerson - ActionLEGOS.com
Aaliyah, Annie, Rone, & Zia - The Puppy Papers 2
Aaliyah, Annie, Rone, & Zia - The Puppy Papers 1