The Puppy Papers

Freya Terrorizes Local Cats

a normally nice cat friendly dog suddenly goes ravage when a cat steels her tomatoes. this silky Black feline took a liking to the veggie snacks eventually freya won and chased this snack stealing cat away

Boogie Doesn't Like Ears
When boogie gets a new toy with never makes it out with them.
Owner: I gess boogie just does'nt want his toys to hear him speak. every toy I give him, the next day it does'nt have ant ears. The only time a toy got a little bit of time with its ears was when he knew I liked that toy and it was a gift to him. it lasted a copule weeks with its ears, but saddly he chewed them off. The first time I made this descovery was when he got hold of my most favorate stuffed animal and I found him sitting on the sairs just shewing away at it left ear. I got so mad I tost him out side and slammed the door.
The next time I did'nt get so mad because I jad just red a book about a dog and it was from the dogs perspective. this time he was sitting on the couch with one of my stuffed dog named rosey and nawing at her left ear, so I grabed the dog from him and just simply touke it away and that was that.

Dog Carries Around Shoes, Never Chews
Take this Quiz to find out you a or b
a1. find shoes that were from when u were yonger
B2 u find bits of leather all over the house

Angie the Airdelle Top 10 Dog Rules
#1 Always use Silky Soft dog shampoo.
#2 NEVER use Looney Lavender body wash.
#3 Don't chase squirrels up trees, you'll get stuck.
#4 Little kids drop food so stay near them when they're eating dinner.
#5 Never eat chocolate.
#6 Always do your business outside.
#7 Cats are our friends!
#8 Slippers are cajun flavored and sandals are bacon flavored
#9 Bugs do not taste good.
#10 Always listen to your owner, you will get treats.