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b cavello


B Cavello is an aspiring-polymath and activist. They work as an Engagement Lead in IBM's AI division, the Watson Group. Acting as both a technical resource and everyman's "geek translator," B leads discussions with government and business leaders about applying Artificial Intelligence in the real world. In June of 2017, B was recognized as an IBM LGBT+ 'Out Role Model' for championing diversity and inclusion in and beyond IBM.

Outside of Watson, B has been called a "crowdfunding all-star." Their previous work as Product Development and Community Director at Exploding Kittens helped catapult the card game startup to its record breaking 219,382 backer success. As the voice and primary liaison for the nearly $9 million campaign, B cultivated and empowered the huge community inspired by the game. B now consults on a variety of projects.

B's personal projects focus on social good and range from textile art to computer education and security and even a game to help NASA researchers study climate change. Read B's posts.



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